Checking our house spot

8 November 2016

Early this morning, while the sun was low and bright, mama, papa and I cycled down the long gravel driveway from our handbuilt home to the spot our future Appletree Villa will occupy.

A hurried man from a removal company found us, after driving past the first time. He jumped out of his truck and explained how he would shift the house onto the house-spot. He assessed the driveway and said he would bring the house in across the paddocks instead. He said they might have to cut some trees in the dark of the night, to fit the house down the road. He said all 8.8 metres of house-width would fit down the road.

So – it can be done.

This is good news.

Last night, after going house-shopping on my 26th birthday, my clan sat together around our kitchen table, drawing badly scaled diagrams of the house we like.

The house we like used to belong to Mair St in Whangarei, and has a bullnose verandah, and French doors. It has solid, borer-free kauri floors. It is probably 100 years old, but it feels healthy, airy. It needs a lot of work.

We heard from the house man that if we decided to adopt the house, it would be on the house-spot either late January or early February. That would work well, we thought, since we’ll be on holiday in January and I have to finish a masters degree.

Today, mama told papa and me “This could ACTUALLY happen. We could actually do it – there’s nothing stopping us!”

She’s excited. I’m excited. Perhaps most importantly, papa, the money-man, is excited.

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