Siting the house

17 December 2016

We measured out our house spot this evening. It’s summer, so we were in that honey sunshine that melts through the leaves of our apple trees.

Mama had just mowed the grass. My toes love the feeling: grass so thick it’s almost moss.

We used old fencing standards and an orange tape measure with a broken handle that made for tricky winding. As the sun settled behind the row of pines at the back of Appletree, mama, papa and I discussed how to place our house.

It was really good to feel out with tape and stakes where our house will sit, and be able to see the first glimmer of what we will be creating.

If renovating a house was a painting, we’re in the sketching stage. But instead of sketching pencil on paper, we sketch stakes on grass.

However, it’s not all buttery sunshine… we’re not agreed on where the house should sit. Papa wants it to overlap with the shed behind. Mama thinks the house and shed would be best lined up. Meanwhile, I’m drawing up plans on a handy free piece of computer genius (I’ll link it here if you’re interested – it’s quite marvellous); trying to work out where the kitchen should be and how wide the apple tree-lined patio should be.



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