Lichen and barbed wire

18 December 2016

I’ve always been fascinated by lichen. It, like moss, has always seemed otherworldly to me. As if maybe there were fairies hiding in it: fairy carpet.

Well today I pried a few lichen covered fences apart, while a brother denailed the best of the timber.

Unfortunately, it was mostly the lichen covered timber that was put on the little bonfire we’re making on the concrete patch.

Meanwhile papa got one of his favourite toys out – the chainsaw. He couldn’t quite bring himself to cut down the peach trees which are laden with fuzzy little baubles, but he could bring himself to cut down a plum and a persimmon.

We reminded each other that to make something worthwhile or beautiful, you usually have to make a mess first.

After – fence down and trees cut
Lichen. And…
Barbed wire. Hence the title of this post.

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