The cowshed

16 January 2017

Some man with a now-heavy wallet is drawing plans for the relocation, so in our usual impatient hardworking manner, mama and I have been doing up the only thing that is on site for us to do up: the cowshed. For the last ten days, we’ve been filling gaps, sanding and painting.

Our friends who owned this little cowshed before us lovingly buffed the tongue and groove walls with a gorgeous French green. We’re keeping the French look, and this week mama and I chose creams and whites to lather on the rest of the walls.

The progress we’ve made is probably best demonstrated by photos.

Mama is the Window Queen
Mama makes progress
Brother no. 3 takes a break from painting
Removing paint from skin. Why bother?
Brother cycles home

The Great Dilemma/Disagreement is over the wood beams on the ceilings. I wanted to whitewash them (this seems obvious to me – wouldn’t everybody love whitewashed beams on their ceiling?) but papa thinks it would be easiest to paint them white. Come on papa, what’s the point of wooden beams if you just paint them like the rest of the ceiling?

Not to be dissuaded, I whitewashed them while papa was away, and then got the rest of the family’s opinion on them.

To be fair, papa, it did take me probably three times as long. My motto for the moment (until I get sick of being picky and the work that being picky entails) is ‘do it once, do it right’.

Before: The upper room of the cowshed with bare concrete walls and unpainted beams.
After: The upper room. Whitewashed beams (yus) and three coats of creamy paint.
Before: The lower room.
During: The lower room.
After: The lower room. We still have to tile the floors..
Whitewashing Stage 1: Fill gaps and sand existing pale pine. Break back.
Whitewashing Stage 2: Tape ceilings and stain pine to match beams upstairs. Break back again.
Whitewashing Stage 3: Paint with diluted wall colour. Final back break. Pull tape off (satisfying!), paint ceilings with final coat. Lie on floor and admire.

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