Five good things

27 January 2017

Five things have happened:

1. I had my last masters exam two days ago. That means more time for painting and sanding (the two activities that apparently never go out of style when you’re renovating).


Painting – a game where you see how much of your skin you can cover.


2. Family has been on holiday at the lakes. That means mama and papa are rested and ready to go.


Moving our legs in circles. So fun.


3. The plans (drawn by the man with a fat wallet) arrived last night. That means we had to fix up everything that wasn’t quite right, and that we are making decisions that I am not qualified or well-informed-enough to be making.

4. Papa sprayed the grass. That means that the house site and new driveway are browner than brown (Northland is heading towards a drought).


I was in love with these clouds but they came to nothing. This is the last peach tree – it has to be moved in ten days to make way for the house.

5. The house removal guys (they’re brothers) came to see the site today. That means we now know how they are going to slice our adopted house, and where to take down fences so they can get the trucks in.

That’s the condensed version of the last eleven days, anyway.



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