Getting ugly: Excavation

4 February 2017

This is when things get ugly.

Today, the house spot started out coated in grass (albeit dead). Tonight, it is scarred the colour of rust.

I haven’t seen it yet – I’m away in the plentiful bay down the right side of the country. But mama and papa have been there all day with our friend Caleb and his digger.

UPDATE: I’ve seen it now. It is quite remarkable how much of a makeover this house spot has had since the beginning of this little record. Once again, photos do best.

Morning of: AKA before the onslaught began.
Onslaught complete.

In other news, our lovely friends who were the original parents of this land came to visit. It turns out that Mr Leigh planted our house’s namesakes: the six apple trees. He said the plum trees just sprang up, which made me feel oddly better about having beheaded them to make way for the orphan house.

Also, I ate the first apple of the season. Slightly sour. Ok, so I might have been a little impatient.

Not a pretty sight. Obviously, the people are lovely. But everything else: yikes.



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