THE BIG DAY ARRIVES (aka, the house arrives)

21 February 2017

It’s 10:47pm, and right now, the house movers will be loading (how? I’m not sure how one lifts a house…) the cut pieces of our orphan house onto the Arnold Schwarzenegger of trucks.

At an unpredictable yet definitely ungodly hour tomorrow morning, Mama will get a text saying that the house is nearly here. She’s under strict instructions to wake me up.

Tonight, Mama and I folded up the tarps that have been lazing about overtop of the big scar in the earth. Papa drove home tonight and drove straight back down the drive on the big blue tractor to push a bit more dirt around. He says he’ll sleep better now, but I’m not convinced any of us will sleep at all.

What a very caesarean-section-type-of-way to get a new house.

Will the surgery go well?

Tomorrow will tell. (ooh rhyming, love it).


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