About us

Kia ora, friend. My mama, papa and I are on a hunt for the new-old Appletree Villa. We will find, move, and renovate together. I wanted to document it. So here we are.

I’m a 26 year old Kiwi, just about finished my thesis, and looking for a project to sink my creativity into once I hand that wad of paper in. (I know what you’re thinking: is this procrastination? Well, no comment).

My mama and papa adopted a house 20 years ago in the mighty Waikato of New Zealand. In between swinging off ropes into the river down the road, my siblings watched mama and papa transform that house into a glowing home.

Then, we moved to Northland. Lived in a barn, hand-built our own house as a family. None of us are qualified builders, but we love old things, and we work hard.

This isn’t going to be fancy – it will be a bit gritty. Hope you stick around.